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Nem Nuong Dipping Sauce

Nem Nuong dipping sauce, by The Spices of Life

Dipping sauce for Nem Nuong spring roll is made different ways for each region of Vietnam.    In Tra Vinh, Mekong Delta, Nem Nuong is served with Nuoc Cham (fish sauce, lime, garlic, sugar) or Nuoc Cam Tuong (hoisin sauce and peanut butter).   Ninh Hoa,  is a famous place for Nem Nuong in central Vietnam, has “gravy” style dipping sauce (hoisin sauce, ground pork, sugar, garlic, red pepper, peanut – source Wikipedia).

Most Vietnamese restaurants in the United States, Nem Nuong spring rolls are served with  Ninh Hoa’s dipping sauce,  made from pureed liver, ground pork, and shrimp with orange color. After reviewing some of the copycat restaurant recipes for Ninh Hoa’s dipping sauces on the internet,  I suggest the bellow recipes.



  • Brodard restaurant – In southern California, famous for many kinds of spring rolls and dipping sauces, specially Nem Nuong rolls.

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Note about Vietnamese cuisine

The 3 main Culinary Cuisines of Vietnam are North, Central, South cuisines. Around 1954, there are major of Vietnamese people who were from north, central Vietnam immigrated to  Saigon, south Vietnam.  Therefore, we have rich regional foods  in Saigon such as  “Pho” from north region, Bun Bo Hue from central region.  In California, Texas, there is big Vietnamese population, so we have Vietnamese foods were originated from north, central, and south Vietnam. Vietnamese food in Tra Vinh, Mekong Delta is different from other regions of Vietnam, because it’s influence by French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer cuisines. Our food guides are based on Tra Vinh  cuisines.