Cha Trung – Vietnamese Steamed Meat Loaf

Cha Trung – from

Cha Trung is Vietnamese pork meatloaf, served with Com Tam Bi Suon Cha or main dish in family meals.

Cha Dum is Vietnamese steamed beef meatloaf, one of the course in Bo 7 Mon (7 style beef), a high end dish and served at the wedding. Cha Dum is served warm with shrimp or sesame chips as an appetizer. Use a small piece of shrimp or sesame chip scoop onto the meatloaf to eat with or without nuoc cham . It can served with steamed rice or eat with bread.

The cooking techniques and ingredients of Cha Trung and Cha Dum are quite similar. They are both steamed meatloaf in a bowl or small round cake pan.  When serving Cha Dum, we revert the meat loaf on a plate, garnish with green onion oil, pickled carrot, lettuce, and cilantro, and peanut.  Cha Trung is glazing with egg york before steaming.

I recommend to use Cha Dum’s recipe,  replace beef with pork  because it’s a  high end dish that you can serve for you guests on special occasions and also eat at family meal.


Cha Dum – from Vietnamese Soul Food



Cooking Tips

  1. You can bake  Cha Dum in water bath if you do not have a steamer.
  2. If you use lean pork or chicken breast, and 1 Tsp of olive oil in the meat mixture, so the meatloaf is not dried.
  3. If you do not eat beef, you can replace it with ground pork or chicken.

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