Recipe: Bi Chay – Vegetarian shredded tofu mixture for spring rolls

Bi Chay from Enjoy Life

If you eat rice dish Com Tam Bi Suon Cha. “Bi” is shredded pork and pork skin mixed with roast rice. Here, we have Bi Chay, is the vegetarian version of “Bi”. ‘Bi chay” is made from tofu, sweet potatoes, carrots, jicama, roasted rice, and cellophane noodles. Bi Chay is very tasty, and I use it to make vegetarian spring rolls whenever we have a party at home.

Bi Chay is used in vegetarian dish like Bún bì chay (noodle salad bowl), Bì cuốn chay (spring roll), and Cơm tấm bì chay (rice dish). Let’s visit Lan’s kitchen and learn how to make Bi Chay. Link to Recipe of Bi Chay from Lan | Enjoy Life.

After making Bi Chay, you can make  Bi Cuon Chay, vegetarian spring rolls.

Cooking Tips

  1. Use Japanese sweet potatoes, do not use yam.

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