Recipe: Bánh Cuốn Pork Crepes

Bánh cuốn is Vietnamese  pork crêpes.  It is  rice rolls, made from a thin, sheet of steamed rice batter, filled with seasoned ground pork, and minced onions, shallots. Sides for this dish consist of chả lụa , sliced cucumber, and bean sprouts, with the dipping sauce Nuoc Cham. In Tra Vinh, Banh Cuon  is also served with banh gia

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Traditionally, the rice crepes are steamed on the top of  a piece of white fabric that sits on the top of the boiling water pot.  The crepes cooked this way are soft and silky.

In the US, we use the non-stick skilet to make the crepes are not as silky as the traditional crepes. However, with good seasoning pork filling and Nuoc Cham, the home-made Banh Cuon are still very delicious.   it’s easy to make banh cuon with the non-stick skilet, and we do not need the special tool to make the crepes.

Link to the  recipe of Banh Cuon from Gas-tron-o-my.

Cooking Tips

  • First time, when you use non-stick pan to make crepes, it will take a few tries to make them right.  Do not throw away the bad crepes that you cannot fill the pork mixture.  Put them aside.   When you eat, cut them into to 2 or 3 pieces (not too small), place them on the bottom of the dish, and put good Banh Cuon rolls on the top.
  • Wood ear mushrooms are optional, is for crunchy.  You also use ground turkey or chicken instead of ground pork
  • Use tofu if you do not eat meat.
  • Make sure Nuoc Cham is sweet and savory since it plays an important role in good Banh Cuon.

Picture: Traditional way of making Banh Cuon with steam pot.

Traditional way of making Banh Cuon – Photo credit:



Recipes and Pictures

  1. Recipe from
  2. – Video how to make Banh Cuon traditional way in Vietnam and recipe from Chef Luc Nguyen (Australia)

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