Banh Ong – Pandan Rice Cake

banh ong
Banh Ong pandan rice cake

Banh Ong is special rice cake, rooted from Khmer people in Tra Vinh and Mekong Delta.  It’s cheap food, sold at farmer markets by street vendors. This cake does not make at home, because it need a special pot to steam it.  Banh Ong is served warm with shredded coconut, sugar, roasted sesame seed.  The cake is light, fluffy, delicious with aroma of pandan and coconut.  If you’ll visit Tra Vinh Market, or Saigon in Vietnam, you should try it.

When I was young,  whenever my grand-aunt visited us, she brought us home-made Banh Ong. The rice cake was very delicious, made with ground rice, shredded sweet potatoes, grated coconut and palm sugar.


  • Batter: coarsely ground rice, grated coconut , pandan leaves, palm sugar
  • Top:   sugar, shredded coconut,  roasted sesame seed and salt.

As similar as Banh Ong,  there are Putu Mayam or Putu Piring or Kueh Tutu is rice cake in Malaysia and Singapore.   And “Putu bamboo” is an Indonesian and Malay rice cake originating from the Tamil puttu.  Cake is made from rice flour, palm sugar, pandan leaf and desiccated coconut.  The cake is steamed in bamboo pipes. Kueh Tutu (嘟嘟糕) is a traditional Singaporean rice cake, made from roasted rice flour and fillings such as grated coconut

Pictures of making Banh Ong in Vietnam.


  1. Recipe of kueh tutu  –  Without using the steam pot.  Good method to try
  2. – recipe
  3.  –  80 years old kueh tutu shop

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