Cha Gio – Vietnamese Egg Rolls

Cha Gio Vietnamese eggrolls, from HungryHuy

Cha gio is Vietnamese eggroll. A good Cha Gio  has delicious taste and flavor, good shape and golden look, not greasy and stay crunchy for a long time.  


Recipe of Cha Gio Vietnamese eggrolls from HungryHuy.  I picked this recipe because

  • Beautiful Cha Gio eggrolls in the picture.  All of eggrolls have the same shape, length,  with shiny golden color, no blacken from outside and the 2 ends.
  •  Good wrapping technique so the eggrolls would not be broken or burned easy when you deep fry them.
  • Good instructions and pictures of important steps.
  • Jícama used in the filling
  • Tip: For the best Cha gio, you should add chopped taro in the filling.

Cooking Tips

  • Use Jícama  in Cha Gio filling,  because it’s natural sugar, sweet and crunchy and it has very light flavor.
  • Carrot should be used for color only. Do not use a lot carrot in the filling, because it has strong aroma and overpower the other ingredients. Note that I do not like the carrot taste in Cha Gio.
  • Use cooking wine to marinate the meat.
  • Use chopped taro in Vietnamese Cha Gio filling.   Taro enhances the eggroll flavor, aroma.
  • Use minimum amount of sugar in the filling, else the 2 ends of eggrolls are easy to get darken.
  • When wrap and roll  eggrolls, do not touch the filling directly with your fingers,  Else your eggrolls have the black spots on it after deep frying it.
  • Control the oil temperature like you deep fry “fried chicken” when you use raw filling.  Make sure the meat and taro totally cooked.
  • If you want to use the cooked filling, follow the Chinese eggroll recipe.  You can fry the eggrolls quickly in 3 or 5 minutes in high heat oil. However, eggrolls would not stay crunchy for a long time.
  • Do not use “rice paper” to wrap Cha Gio, unless you’re an Cha Gio master chef.  The rice paper wrappers are easy to break when you’re deep fry eggrolls in hot oil.  Also, there are special techniques to make rice paper cha gio crunchy and not “explosive” in hot oil.
  • Best to serve eggrolls with  Nuoc Cham, vegetables, herbs, cucumbers, rice noodles, rice papers.


  1. Recipe of Cha Gio Vietnamese eggrolls from HungryHuy.
  2. Recipe of Chinese eggroll
  3. Recipe-cha-gio-chay-vegetarian-egg-rolls

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