Bánh Da Lợn – Layer Rice Cake

Banh da lon ( “pig skin cake”) is a Vietnamese steamed layer cake made from tapioca starch, rice flourmung beans, coconut milk, pandan leaves, and sugar.  The cake is sweet, tasty, and it  has pandan fragrance, and gelatinous soft  texture. Banh Da Lon was created from Southern Vietnam.

banh da lon cantho
Banh Da Lon – Steamed pandan rice cake

Bánh da lợn has alternate color and filling layers:

  • White (based mixture) – tapioca starch, rice flour, fresh coconut milk, and sugar.
  • Green  –    use base mixture with the juice of  Pandan leaves for green color and fragrance
  • Yellow filling – mung bean paste , sugar, and based mixture
  • Brown filling  – taro, sugar, and based mixture
  • Magenta –  use base mixture, and juice of  Lá cẩm (leaf of the magenta plant, Peristrophe roxburghiana; imparts a purple color when boiled)

We can use artificial food coloring and  cans of coconut milk to make the layer cake.  However,  the cake does not taste as good as the cake made from natural food colors and fresh coconut milk.

Pandan steamed layer rice cake is called

  •  “Khanom Chan” in Thailand
  •  “kuih lapis” in Malaysia, Singapore,  Indonesia


  1. Recipe of banh-da-lon – from lilyng2000.blogspot.com
  2. Recipe Nine layers rice cake – from The Spices of Life
  3. Recipe of Kuih Lapis – pink color

Recipe from Play with My Food

A: (Batter):

-350g tapioca starch
-50g rice flour
-4 2/3 cups liquid (water or coconut milk, I usually use both half coconut, and half water)
-300g sugar

*Mix everything together.

B: (Filling)
-300g cooked mung beans or taro
-200g sugar
-100g tapioca starch
-175g coconut milk or water

*Put everything in a blender and blend until ‘smooth’.

Grease mould (cake pan or tart mould) with oil. Pour in a layer of batter (mixture A) and steam for 5-10 mins., (until cooked), then pour a layer of filling (mixture B). Steam until filling is cooked and then pour on some more batter. Continue with this process until you use up all of the batter and filling. Make the cake as many layers as you want.

Different Versions:
Pandan and Mung Bean (pictured):
Mix pandan leaves in a blender with the liquid to use in batter. Use mung beans for filling.

Pandan and Durian:
Mix pandan leaves in a blender with the liquid to use in batter. Blend 100g durian with filling and reduce the sugar in filling to 100g 150g (depending on how sweet durian is).

Use taro to make the filling instead of mung beans. There is a type of leaf in Vietnam called “lá cẩm” when you boil it it gives off a purple color. This liquid is then used to make the batter. However, here in the states it’s almost impossible to get a hold of, so… use purple food coloring instead.


  1. Banh da lon – Wikipedia.
  2. Recipe –  Youtube video
  3. Recipe – Youtube video

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