Goi Ga

Goi Ga  is chicken salad.  The salad recipes  and names are different in each region of Vietnam.

Ga Xe Phai  is popular chicken salad  in Mekong Delta. We mix banana flowers and cabbage in the salad, no carrot. Rau ram is required for the aroma and taste of this dish.  It is served as side dish for Chao Ga.  The best  Chao Ga and Ga Xe Phai is in the Mekong Delta, because the soup and salad are cooked from  free-run chicken and fresh vegetables.



Cooked shredded chicken.

Salad: sliced banana flowers, cabbage, red onion, rau ram, carrots (optional)

Salad dressing: Lime juice, salt, sugar, red pepper,  fish sauce.

Dipping sauce: Nuoc cham

Top with  roasted peanuts, fried shallots and rau ram

Vietnamese Language Lesson

Goi Ga  or Goi Xe Phai  is chicken salad

Ga – chicken, Goi – salad, Xe – shredded


  1. Goi Ga

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